A set of tools to analyse DAB data streams



  • Modular system consisting of hard- and software tools
  • Hardware ETI interface and receiver hardware available
  • Analysis of DAB multiplex on ETI, EDI and RF signal
  • Presentation of parameters in Google Earth
  • Measuring of synchronism in SFNs
  • Recording of ETI files from on-air signals


  • ETI analysis for broadcasters
  • Transmitter setup
  • Coverage measuring
  • SFN test
  • Test of transmitter components
  • Receiver test


For historical reasons the term DAB-XPlorer stands for two things a) the DAB-XPlorer software suite providing a collection of software tools to analyse DAB data streams and b) for the DAB-XPlorer hardware providing an ETI/RDI-to-USB interface. Originally, both the software and the hardware have been one product, the DAB-XPlorer, developed and manufactured by Ingenieurbüro Mulka. In the course of the evolution of this product, the software was modified and extended to support additional hardware products from other vendors. At this time the DAB-XPlorer software suite supports and can be delivered with

  • the ETI/RDI-to-USB converter DAB-XPlorer from Ingenieurbüro Mulka,
  • all Ethernet interfaces that can be used to receive EDI data streams,
  • the DAB test receiver UEB400-DXP provided under the trademark VAD, and
  • the products of VDL’s DABSTOR family.

Summary of components of the DAB-XPlorer

The DAB-XPlorer software application is modular. The following tools are available:

  • Ensemble Viewer
  • ETI-XPlorer
  • FIC-XPlorer
  • FIC-XTractor
  • PRBS-Analyzer
  • Message Viewer
  • Recorder / Player / Timeshift Buffer
  • RDI-ETI-Converter
  • GPS-Campaign-Converter
  • Triggered Recorder

Together with the various hardware options, the software modules can be combined to support a great variety of use cases by broadcasters, transmitter network operators and manufacturers.

The DAB-XPlorer can be combined with BMT’s TPEG Analyser.

Ingenieurbüro Mulka

The label DAB-XPlorer stands for a complete set of dovetailed hard- and software tools for analysing DAB data streams.

Ingenieurbüro Mulka