The DAB diversity decoder chip for car radios



  • Dual diversity demodulator on one chip
  • Audio decoder for various audio formats
  • Seamless service following between DAB, DAB+, and FM
  • Fast sync acquisition
  • High-performance TII decoder
  • Low power consumption


  • OEM car radios
  • Aftermarket car radios and upgrade kits
  • Hand-held receivers
  • Mobile and portable DAB receivers


The DAB decoder chips of the GL351X series from the Korean Manufacturer, Glovane, are so called systems on a chip (SoC) that are developed for the specific needs of the manufacturers of car radios. In particular

  • they comply with all requirements of the automotive industry regarding environmental conditions and reliability (AEC Q100),
  • as GL3512D, they contain two DAB demodulators that can be either used for diversity reception or for tracing a second ensemble in the background,
  • they are equipped with an integrated audio processor with service following engine for seamless DAB to DAB and DAB to FM service following,
  • they are optimised for use with an external host processor, that will be required in any case in order to control the various functions of a modern car radio.

Other than the SoCs of the GL314X series of the same manufacturer that are designed for applications in consumer devices, the chips of the GL351X series do not have integrated RF tuners. Instead of that, the baseband signal can be supplied in analogue form or alternatively via a digital baseband input, thus gaining a high flexibility for system design.

Table 1: Comparison between the members of the GL351X series
  GL3512D GL3511S GL3510C
Package 169B, 11 × 11 mm², 0.8 pitch 169B, 11 × 11 mm², 0.8 pitch 161B, 8 × 8 mm²
Service Following seamless DAB to FM & DAB to DAB seamless DAB to FM DAB to FM
Baseband Dual diversity demodulator Single Single

Glovane's business offer comprises not only the SoCs and an appropriate development kit but as well development services for customer-specific hard- and software adaptations.


Glovane's SoCs of the GL351X series fulfill all required automotive specifications and offer dual base band diversity decoder and audio decoder with seamless service following.