DAB Module GVM140X

A low-cost DAB/DAB+/DMB-A/FM-RDS receiver module

DAB Module GVM140X


  • Cost-effective, minimal number of external components
  • Integrated 32 bit RISC processor
  • Compact design (42 mm × 30 mm)
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent input sensitivity


  • Portable DAB/DAB+ receivers
  • Wireless speaker with DAB+
  • Hi-fi systems
  • Basis for customer-specific developments with GL314X SoCs


With the DAB modules of the GVM140X series, the Korean chip maker Glovane accommodates to the growing demand for economically priced receiver modules, that allow to built high quality portable and stationary DAB receivers easily and with minimal number of external components. The modules base upon the DAB chips of the GL314X series, and thus inherited all the features of these SoCs.

The following modules are belonging to the GVM140X series:

Master module GVM140H01
This module is intended for devices where the radio function clearly dominates the over-all functionality.
Slave module GVM140S01
This module was made for multi-purpose devices that already have their own controller that shall be used to control the DAB module.

Figure 1: Block diagrams of the master module, GVM140H01, and the slave module, GVM140S01, respectively.

Glovane's business offer comprises not only the receiver module and an appropriate development kit but as well development services for customer-specific hard- and software adaptations.

Development kit


Figure 2: The evaluation kit for the GVM140H01 module is already a complete portable radio.

The development kit of the GVM140X demonstrates the functionality of the module and allows access to the application interface via its USB port. At the same time, it is already a complete battery-powered device with integrated loudspeakers, thus allowing the evaluation of the module in daily use.

The evaluation kit demonstrates impressively with how few external components a full-featured DAB+/FM receiver can be built.


With the economically priced GVM140X, building a DAB/DAB+ radio becomes a breeze.